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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

Testing process: Each client will be seen for a one hour intake session where background information is gathered. If testing is being done on a minor, you may be asked to leave the minor child at home for this session. The testing process itself will be tailored to each individual client's needs.

Testing times can range from two hours to six or more depending on the number of tests administered and how quickly they are completed. Again, each individual varies and the testing is catered to the needs of the client. 

Age range: 5 years of age and older. 

Areas of testing include: 

  •  Assessment of Attention: An assessment of attention is important to identify neurological problems (such as Attention Deficit Disorder) compared with inattention due to social, psychological, or other environmental factors. An assessment is recommended to ensure accurate diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment recommendations. Attention is assessed utilizing cognitive, academic, and neurological assessments combined with clinical interview to identify specific attentional abilities.

  •  Assessment of Personality: An assessment of personality is often completed when overall personality functioning is needed to facilitate the progress of therapy. Accurate diagnosis of personality can be very helpful in identifying appropriate therapy techniques, generation of appropriate treatment goals and provide information to incorporate treatment into a person's way of coping in their world.  

  •  Assessment of Intelligence: Assessment of intelligence involves use of IQ tests to compare a person's functioning with other individuals at the same age. IQ tests are used to identify overall cognitive functioning, assess cognitive strength and/or liability related to school work or employment, and identify cognitive problems which may influence overall functioning. 


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